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The University of Southern Denmark (SDU) is a modern institution offering education and research at the highest level. Every day more than 2,000+ researchers and 30,000 students build on the university’s reputation as a centre of academic excellence.

University is one of the most life-changing, academically-rewarding and enjoyable times in life. At SDU, 1 in 5 students is not from Denmark. International students play a crucial role in enriching the university experience for every student, by bringing different views, cultures, and perspectives.

Living and studying in Denmark is a very exciting time but it can also be a challenging time. By choosing SDU, you will become part of a dynamic and modern University with a world-class academic reputation. SDU is recognised for its excellence in research, and is among the top 2% of universities globally. We believe you will find student life to be busy, intellectually stimulating, and full of memorable experiences.

Both SDU and Denmark have much to offer. Denmark is famous for its high quality of life, beautiful countryside, friendly people, and cosy atmosphere. The

university does everything it can to make international students feel welcome.

You can find help from us during the application process, as well as before and after your arrival.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact SDU International.